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"The Ptuj winery is one of the most important wine producers in Slovenia.

The winery accepts grapes from vineyards spread across the wine-growing slopes of the Halos and Central Slovenian Highlands, which nature has given the vineyards, which make them among the world's finest wine-growing locations.

Experts consider the wine-growing regions of Halos and the Central Slovenian Highlands to be among the top 5% in the world.

The excellent natural resources of the Ptuj area were recognised by the inhabitants of Poetovio in the Roman period, who probably started the wine tradition in Ptuj. The rich history of Ptuj has been closely intertwined with the wine tradition since the Roman period.

One of the wine-making highlights of Ptuj's history dates back to the period when the town was run by the Minorites. The beginning of winemaking in Ptuj is recorded in 1239, when a monastery was built in Ptuj, which also housed a wine cellar.

A modern and ambitious winery with a rich tradition of safely nurturing the best of the best vintages.

It houses a special wine treasure - the oldest Slovenian wine, Zlata trta, dating back to 1917.

Since 2012, Ptujska Klet has reigned on the throne of the best Slovenian winemaker for seven years in a row, a special distinction awarded at the largest independent wine evaluation in Vienna - AWC Vienna. The winery has managed to win this prestigious title of Best National Producer Slovenia again in both 2020 and 2021.

The wines of Ptuj Cellars are known under three brands: Pullus, Haložan and Pinky Chick.

Since its launch in 2007, Pullus has been identified as a winner of tastes, and it has continuously proved it - first among wine lovers, because it is a reliable choice for lovers of fine wines, and then among the profession, where it has consistently impressed in many competitions at home and around the world.

We want to convince you of the quality of our wines soon - at the Promenade of Tastes at the beautiful Ptuj Castle!"

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Spend a day surrounded by one of the most beautiful castles in Slovenia.

Spend it at the Promenade of Flavours in Slovenia's oldest city.

The Ptuj Promenade of Tastes is held for the third time at Ptuj Castle, from where you can enjoy magnificent views of the vineyards of the Halos, the Slovenian Highlands and the Ljutomer-Ormož Highlands.

What does the Ptuj 2022 Promenade of Flavours have to offer?
- fine cuisine, married to the fine wines of Ptuj's vineyards.
- a musical surprise.

What does the €18 ticket include?
- tasting over sixty top wines,
- a tasting glass with the Salon Sauvignon logo,
- padlock.

Find out more about the Promenade of Flavours in the FB event

where you can also book tickets at a pre-sale price of EUR 16.

If you like the event, like it, share it and invite your friends, acquaintances, relatives, business partners.

Let's have a great time at Ptuj Castle this Saturday in September!

We'll be hanging out at Ptuj Castle in all weathers.

The event is organised by Itadakimasu Ptuj.

Co-organised by the Ptuj - Ormož Regional Museum and the Ptuj Tourism Institute.

The event is organised under the auspices of the Salon Sauvignon festival.

Partners: winemakers, gastronomic houses, the Spodnje Podravje Rural Youth Association, the Ptuj Agricultural and Forestry Institute.