Salon Sauvignon Ptuj 2022 will close with the exceptional musician DITKA


A unique approach, a different and delicate music, which sings of duality, closeness and many feelings of beauty, describes the work of the singer-songwriter and composer Ditka.

For tasting:

Between 2013 and 2019, Ditka has released three albums of recorded poetry in collaboration with the poet and writer Feri Lainščko and her father Gorazd Čepin, a composer and pianist, with love as their main theme and the word "no" in their titles (Don't Be Like Others, Don't Change Me, Don't Be What You Are Not), which on a symbolic level represents a gentle measure of rebellion to create one's own and different story by retreating from the current musical trends.

Ditka's musical story includes not only her recorded poetry, but also her original, mainly internationally awarded, poems in English. Notable amongst others include winning the 2019 Bulgaria International Songwriters' Festival, the UK Songwriting Contest final in London, and working with UK producer Stuart Epps, who has worked with names such as Elton John, Robbie Williams and others.

The quality and message of the texts is extremely important to Ditka, which is why she prefers the poetry of renowned Slovenian poets. Even when she writes her lyrics in English, they are strong in their message, inspired by her own experiences, stories of interesting people and touching on themes that are close to many people's hearts.

This summer, Ditka is preparing the release of her 4th album of recorded poetry, for which she and her father Gorazd, in addition to Lainščko's poetry, have also recorded the poetry of five other renowned poets.

Ditka and Gorazd, accompanied by acoustic guitar and piano, will present a combination of songs from Ditka's three albums and, at a time when we need light more than ever, will bring warmth and the knowledge that dreams are eternal into people's hearts with gentle melodies and beautiful words.