Exhibition Stories of Chairs / 7 May Salon Sauvignon Ptuj 2022

exhibition collage chairs SS2022


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Stories of Chairs exhibition 

Concert: Ditka

Dominican Monastery Ptuj

Saturday 7 May 2022

13:00 - 20:00


Stories of chairs is a project of the art department of the Ptuj High School, because the students transformed a chair into an art object - a sculpture through their own idea. Thus, the chair became an art object with different connotations, on the one hand its utility and form, and on the other hand an artistic intervention in the sense of transforming the chair into a new artistic function, thus losing its original purpose and utility. The different ideas, approaches and execution have resulted in a huge variety of different and interesting solutions, which as a whole have a heterogeneous, varied and picturesque effect.


Participating students:

Miklič Taja

Lajmsner Nika

Krevs Marcel

Štrucl Anej

Sok Zoja

North Michell Melani

Podgoršek Lara

Meško Sonja

Makovšek Gaja

Lah Lara

Kotnik Jana

Kolarič Katja Medeja

Kirbis Anej

Yanomami Tia

Hotko Ria Ana

Črnko Širec Teja

Mentor: Dušan Fišer