We are very pleased to reveal this year's guest of the Ptuj Promenade of Tastes - the exceptional, inimitable singer-songwriter Tadeje VESENJAKA

A poet of the beauty of the Jerusalem hills, a witty storyteller about the sweetness and sometimes the wormwood of the life of a Prlese man.

Tadej Vesenjak is a six-time KantFest winner. He has performed twice at the La vie en rose chanson festival, run by Vita Mavrič.

He is one of the more recognisable songwriters in Slovenia, which is why he was "outed" by Jure Longyka in 2007.

He has released two albums on the Pivec label, Only Dead Fish Swim with the Current (2011) and Our Actions Echo into Eternity (2014).

You can hear and see him at the Wine & Art experiences organised by the Wine & Art project.


He has so far released two albums on the Pivec label, Only Dead Fish Swim with the Current (2011) and Our Actions Echo into Eternity (2014).

"You see, the day is moving faster, everything is running faster.

Headless, tailless, it seems.

But we still know how to take our time.

We are such people, for the sake of our lives..."

sings the song Stay a little longer in the noble Prussian language.

With him, with the winemakers of our regions and with the young generation of culinarians, we will stay at Ptuj Castle at least - until the end of the Promenade of Tastes Ptuj 2022, at the beautiful Ptuj Castle!



Spend a day surrounded by one of the most beautiful castles in Slovenia.

Spend it at the Promenade of Flavours in Slovenia's oldest city.

The Ptuj Promenade of Tastes is held for the third time at Ptuj Castle, from where you can enjoy magnificent views of the vineyards of the Halos, the Slovenian Highlands and the Ljutomer-Ormož Highlands.

What does the Ptuj 2022 Promenade of Flavours have to offer?

- fine cuisine, married to the fine wines of Ptuj's vineyards,

- socialising between the walls of the beautiful Ptuj Castle.

What does the €18 ticket include?

- tasting over sixty top wines,
- a tasting glass with the Salon Sauvignon logo,

- a coat hanger

- Concert by Tadej VESENJAK, singer-songwriter of Jeruzalemskie gorice.

Find out more about the Promenade of Flavours in the FB event


where you can also book tickets at a pre-sale price of EUR 16.

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Let's have a great time at Ptuj Castle this Saturday in September!

We'll be hanging out at Ptuj Castle in all weathers.

The event is organised by Itadakimasu Ptuj.

Co-organised by the Ptuj - Ormož Regional Museum and the Ptuj Tourism Institute.

The event is organised under the auspices of the Salon Sauvignon festival.

Partners: winemakers, gastronomic houses, the Spodnje Podravje Rural Youth Association, the Ptuj Agricultural and Forestry Institute.

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