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ON SATURDAY 3 SEPTEMBER 2022 FROM 14:00 TO 20:00 //

As the team of the Salon Sauvignon festival, we have long wanted to place one of our gastronomic events at Ptuj Castle. Not only because it offers a charming setting for tasting fine wines and cuisine, but also because from here, across the brick roofs of Ptuj, you can enjoy magnificent views of the green landscape of the Ptuj and Drava fields, the vineyards of the Halos, the Central Slovenian and Jeruzalem mountains.

With the Promenade of Tastes Ptuj 2022, we will make this a reality, on the initiative of Dr. Aleksander LORENČIČ, Director of the Ptuj - Ormož Regional Museum. Many thanks to him!


Ptuj Castle stands as the crown of medieval Ptuj on a hill above the River Drava, at the crossroads of ancient routes. In this strategic position, it has successfully withstood the storms of time for centuries.

Today, it houses the collections and exhibitions of the Ptuj-Ormož Regional Museum: luxuriously furnished castle rooms, a rich armoury, a gallery of Gothic and Baroque art, collections of reliquaries and paintings on glass, the exhibition Ptuj Castle through the Ages, traditional carnival masks of the Ptuj region, and the largest collection of historical musical instruments in Slovenia.

The Ptuj-Ormož Regional Museum operates in the wider area of Ptuj and Ormož, which is famous for its rich prehistoric and ancient sites (Roman Petoviona), the period of the migration of peoples, medieval and modern testimonies about the importance of Ptuj and its hinterland, and picturesque folk traditions.

Collections and exhibitions in the fields of archaeology, history, cultural history, ethnology and contemporary visual arts are displayed in several locations, the most visited being Ptuj Castle.


Photos: STA, Mankica KRANJEC, Stanko KOZEL, Archive of the Regional Museum Ptuj - Ormož

Upper Castle Courtyard2 Stanko Kozel

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where you can also book tickets at a pre-sale price of EUR 16.

Find out more about the Promenade of Flavours on:

What does the Ptuj 2022 Promenade of Flavours have to offer?
- Fine cuisine, married with fine wines from Ptuj's vineyards.
- A musical surprise.

What does the €18 ticket include?
- tasting over sixty top wines,
- a tasting glass with the Salon Sauvignon logo,
- padlock.

Tickets can be booked at a pre-sale price of €16. .

The event is organised under the auspices of the Salon Sauvignon festival.

Partners: wine producers, gastronomic houses, the Ptuj - Ormož Regional Museum, the Ptuj Tourism Institute, the Spodnje Podravje Rural Youth Association, the Ptuj Agricultural and Forestry Institute.

Find out more about the Ptuj 2022 Promenade of Tastes here:

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Let's have a great time at Ptuj Castle this Saturday in September!

We'll be hanging out at Ptuj Castle in all weathers.

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Stanko Kozel Castle cellar