Minorite Monastery Ptuj // new venue

Saturday 27 June 2020
13:00 - 20:00

over 100 sauvignons and over 50 winemakers //
Master Class: Robert Gorjak, WSET Diploma

fine cuisine
Entrance fee: 18 euros


On Saturday 27 June at 13:00, the oldest Slovenian town will open the doors of the Salon Sauvignon festival for the sixth time. At the moment, 51 winemakers from all three wine-growing regions of Slovenia have registered for the festival, which will also be attended by several interesting exhibitors and a very strong culinary line-up from the Coast to the green Styria. There will also be an artistic touch, with an occasional art exhibition from the Ptuj City Gallery's depot, curated by its director, academic painter Dušan Fišer. The festival will conclude with
festival music concert. The main sponsor of the festival is the Municipality of Ptuj. Nuška GAJŠEK, Mayor of Ptuj: "This year, for the sixth time in a row, the Salon Sauvignon Festival will attract not only wine lovers, but also lovers of cuisine and art to Ptuj. At the Municipality of Ptuj, we believe that festivals of this kind are an added value that builds on the rich wine tradition and spreads the culture of wine drinking, enriches the city's tourist offer, connects and puts us alongside the greatest. At the same time, it is the Salon Sauvignon that opens the windows and doors to the festival summer. Even if this year will be a little different, thanks to the measures still in force after the epidemic. I believe that it will be rich, successful and that every visitor will find an event for themselves and their soul."


A key new feature is the location of the event, which will be moved from the Dominican to the Minorite Monastery. Slavko Dobnik, Festival Director: "The decision to move from the charismatic Dominkanec was not an easy one for us. But we are committed to following the recommendations and restrictions that are still in place due to the corona virus. At the same time, we want to offer as comfortable and healthy an environment as possible for the festival visitors as well as for the visiting winemakers and other partners, which would not be possible in the Dominican Monastery. In the beautiful Minorite Monastery, we saw an ideal solution that allows us to hold the event outdoors, but under cover - in a picturesque, spacious inner courtyard under the arcades. At the same time, the Minorite Brothers have kindly offered us one of the most beautiful refectories in Slovenia, where we will hold this year's Master Class. The Dominican Monastery is our first great love, but this year the Minorite Monastery has opened up a second. The salon is expanding and may already next year surpass the space available in the
the possibilities of the Dominican Monastery. Perhaps in the future we will build Salon Sauvignon as a festival of two monasteries."


Staša BIZJAK, festival manager: "The list of registered winemakers already shows that we will once again witness an exceptional diversity of Slovenian sauvignon types, which, even from what foreign connoisseurs tell us, is a great peculiarity and value of Slovenia as a top sauvignon growing region." One of the key building blocks of the festival is the festival's professional evaluation, which will again this year be carried out by the Agricultural and Forestry Institute Ptuj. The eight best-rated sauvignons will be included in this year's Master Class. Robert GORJAK, renowned Slovenian wine critic and wine writer with an international reputation, the first Slovenian with a WSET diploma in wine and the holder of this year's Master Class: "At the workshop we will walk through the award-winning wines and try to get to the characteristics of the vintage, the micro-location and the winemaker's general approach to vinification and the profile of the winemaker through the organoleptic characteristics. We will also touch on a topic that is not often on the menu - whether sauvignon, like chardonnay or riesling, can express the growing area and whether it is a variety that ages well."


This year's festival will also be rich in culinary delights. For the first time, the local culinary houses Ribič and Grabar from Ptuj and Špajza from Haloz are joined by the COB restaurant from Portorož, and the festival will certainly be marked by Primož DOLNIČAR, who is being included in the project by the sponsor Perutnina Ptuj. Brigita SELINŠEK, Brand Manager, Perutnina Ptuj: "Before the pandemic broke out, we wanted to develop the project even further and attract talented young culinarians from catering schools, with our ambassador Primož DOLNIČAR as their mentor in the culinary performance at the Salon. Primož fits in perfectly with our vision, as he is a nature lover and a fan of the local, local in cuisine. That's why we decided to make a promotional video with him and the other culinarians in Primož's kitchen, inviting them to Salon Sauvignon via social media."


As the school year is already in full swing during the festival, we had to give up the help of the students and tutors of the Ptuj Biotechnical School, who have so far been the Salon's excellent serving staff. Once again, for the third time, the young people from the Association of Rural Youth of the Lower Podravje Region have come to the rescue, this time taking over the entire operation of the main event. Uroš KOVAČEC, head of the team of young rural people: "We feel it is very important to show the public who we are and what we are about, to be supportive of good wine projects.
and to show that we young people are part of the wine culture and reliable partners for established wine events."

"Slovenian Sauvignon is the next big thing waiting to happen in sauvignon culture
globally - and Salon Sauvignon is creating the future of wine tourism in Slovenia. Catch the
a chance to be part of the story before it is spread by 'influencers' and Salon Sauvignon becomes something
This flattering assessment was made by Dr. Paul J. White, an established wine writer and member of the Board of Directors
CMS, Master Class winner at Salon Sauvignon 2019, who judged hundreds of wines
events and described hundreds of wine destinations around the world.
The study tour to three Slovenian wine regions, which we organised for him in March, was
the first act of this year's Salon Sauvignon Ptuj 2020 festival.
These days, the website of the Concours Mondial du Sauvignon, the most important institution for
promoting the sauvignon variety in the world, published his article about Slovenia as an exceptional
sauvignon destination.

In it, he wrote, among other things:
"Salon Sauvignon, this annual, one-day, wine-lover-focused event, is one of the
a youthful audience eager to keep up with the latest sauvignon style trends, has created
fashion - sauvignon has become sexy."

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Photo: Boris B. Voglar.


From Wednesday's press conference at the MuziKafe café in Ptuj. Photo.

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